How to install Skin Motion app on Android – Jan, 2021

You can install the Skin Motion app on Android using an installation method called side-loading.

Download the Android APK

What is Side-loading an app on Android?

Android mobile device operation system allows people to install apps on their phones that are not distributed through the official app store. This is a special feature not available for iPhones, that is typically used by developers to test their apps. There are additional security precautions required when side-loading apps because you need to trust the source of the APK file to make sure that you are not downloading potentially dangerous software. By downloading the Skin Motion app from the link above, you will download directly from our servers and are assured that we have provided the official version of the app to you.

How to side-load an app on Android

There are different methods depending on what version of Android your device uses. Look up your Android version and then follow the directions here:

How to Geek: How to sideload apps on Android

Why do I need to side-load the Skin Motion app?

The Skin Motion app was created using an open source software tool that has gone through significant upgrades over the three years we have been using it. While we have been able to update the majority of our software dependancies over the years, there is a critical tool that we used which could present a security vulnerability when used by a bad actor, something that the Skin Motion app never has and will never do.

As a result of that software dependency being used prior builds of the Skin Motion app, Google Play removed the Skin Motion app from their marketplace and notified Skin Motion at that time. We are continuing development on an update of the Skin Motion app that patches this critical software and have made an updated build with every other dependency updated as of Jan 15, 2021 available to side-load in the interim at the link above.

If you have any questions you can contact us.