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August 1, 2022 Los Angeles, CA –

Skin Motion is currently undergoing maintenance and certain features are unavailable at this time including creating new Soundwave Tattoos and new tattoo artist registrations. The current Skin Motion app available on Android is also having problems playing back existing Soundwave Tattoos, however the iPhone app appears to be functioning properly at this time.

Some background why this maintence period is necessary:

Skin Motion launched Soundwave Tattoos to the public at the end of 2017. Through 2018 we continued to make improvements to the app and user experience. In 2019 our founding developer left to work at another company leaving us unable to continue improving the app. In 2020 when the pandemic began the tattoo industry shut down around the world and our revenue dropped suddenly overnight. Then in August of 2021 our automated email service which enables account creation and the Soundwave Tattoo activation process was abused by an unknown party to send spam to non-Skin Motion users and the email service was shut off by our provider.

In the Spring of 2022 a new development team begin fixing the app and they have been working to get us back online. We're excited about their progress and hope to have everything fixed and available again soon. There is currently no estimate of when this will be complete and until then we advise that no one should be getting a Soundwave Tattoo with the intention of activating it for playback until the site is back online.

Customer support via email will be responded to when the service is active again. Any questions about billing related issues should be sent to

We appologize for the inconvenience and look forward to returning to full operations soon.

– Skin Motion