Tattoo Artist Network Registration

Skin Motion is proud to announce that one month since the first Soundwave Tattoo we are taking registrations tattoo artists who have applied and been approved to become members of the Skin Motion Tattoo Artist Network. Artist who have yet to apply are encouraged to do so now with the Artist Application.

Over the next few months as we continue to develop the Skin Motion mobile application and web platform, Artists will receive exclusive information about the development and will be the first to be listed in our upcoming Tattoo Artist Directory. When a customer buys the Soundwave Tattoo add-on for the Skin Motion app, they get to choose their Artist from our Tattoo Artist Directory. Tattoo Artists can customize the Soundwave generated by our website so that each tattoo is unique to the person getting it. Artists can use their normal procedures, charge their normal rate, and they keep the money from the tattoo.

The Tattoo Artists we have approved are from countries all over the world; United States, UK, Mexico, Colombia, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, South Africa, Panama, Chile, France, Canada, Australia. and more. The very first version of the artist directory we will lists artists who are registered and where you can find them. Want a tattoo artist in your area to make Soundwave Tattoos? Ask them to join our Tattoo Artist Network.