Featured Artist: Nate Siggard

Nate Siggard is the Tattoo Artist and inventor behind Soundwave Tattoos™ Nate got his start apprenticing for Jim Hayek and then produced Mike DeVries educational tattooing DVD series “Get Real” in 2009 and 2010.

Nate created the cover of Sublime with Rome’s debut album “Yours Truly” in 2011 and toured with them for 2 years tattooing, filming behind the scenes and VJing. Nate’s always been involved with the music industry and technology companies since he was a young teenager growing up in a suburb of Los Angeles.

Nate Siggard Tattoos 1

Nate’s passion and curiosity for the intersection of art, technology and music inspired the last decade of his life as he traveled the West Coast of the United States tattooing and working on exciting creative projects. Through his travels he says he “discovered a connection within myself to the world around me which can’t be explained by what I have learned”, and he began exploring mysticism and transpersonal psychology.

Nate has been studying the ways that tattooing has been used as a therapeutic tool to cultivate a deeper level of awareness while releasing stored tension in the body. His tattooing is now focused on using geometric patterns found in nature, spiritual symbology, and energy totems to activate higher states of consciousness.

Nate Siggard Tattoos 2

“I believe Soundwave Tattoos are the perfect way to bring these things together, tattooing deeply personal sentimental memories using sound encoded in a symbol that can be embodied for a lifetime” says Siggard. “If it wasn’t for everyone who reached out to us asking for one, I would have just kept moving forward creating new ways to connect people and empower them to share love with one another. It’s for those people that I’ve committed myself to making Skin Motion App a reality”.