Announcing Skin Motion – Tattoos brought to life

After a whirlwind of two and a half weeks and over 14 million views on Facebook, Skin Motion, LLC is proud to announce that their mobile app and Soundwave Tattoo product will be available in June 2017. Founder Nate Siggard created the first augmented reality Soundwave Tattoo capable of playing back the original sound. As soon as the video went viral, he quickly filed a provisional patent and went into development on a commercial mobile application that would work for anyone who also wanted to get one.

We’ve received hundreds of messages from people who want to get their own Soundwave Tattoo. Because of that we are developing the app that will transform tattoos by creating new ways to experience them like never before. We’re blown away by the interest in the app and can’t wait to share it with you.

We just launched our new website that should answer all of your questions before the app is released. We are allowing artists to pre-register to be included in our Tattoo Artist Network of artists who are trained and certified to do tattoos that will work with our app. If you are a professional tattoo artist that would like to make Soundwave Tattoos and work closely with us as we release new products, please apply here.