Soundwave Tattoo launch Monday Dec 18

Have you ever heard a tattoo? If you haven’t yet you certainly will soon!

Tattoo artist Nate Siggard and the amazing team at Skin Motion™ are excited to announce that starting Dec 18, 2017 people around the world will be able to create their own Soundwave Tattoos™ at Soundwave Tattoos™ can be played back using the Skin Motion™ app available in the App Store and Google Play.

After inventing the first tattoo you can hear Nate Siggard shared a video of his Soundwave Tattoo™ with the world, and it exploded across the internet. The viral video has created a stir in the media, across the tattoo community and beyond. In anticipation of launch, thousands of individuals have reached out eager to commemorate significant moments in their life with their very own Soundwave Tattoo™.

How it Works
Starting Monday, Skin Motion™ users can upload up to 30 seconds of audio to create their Soundwave Tattoos™ stencil. After creating their stencil, users can find a licensed Skin Motion™ tattoo artist in our Tattoo Artist Directory. Currently there are over 100 tattoo artists around the world that have been trained and licensed on how to create Soundwave Tattoos™ so that they will work correctly with the Skin Motion™ app. The first 1000 tattoo artists to register at can create their profile in the Artist Directory for free.

After creating their tattoo, users can purchase their first year of service and activate their Soundwave Tattoo™ for playback in the Skin Motion™ app for $39.99, with an additional yearly service fee of $9.99. Each activation is crafted by the Skin Motion™ team to ensure the best possible experience; the activation process can take between 24 to 48 hours to complete as the Soundwave Tattoo™ begins to heal. Users that get their Soundwave Tattoos™ from an artist in the Skin Motion™ Tattoo Artist Directory have a 15 day 100% money-back guarantee on their activation fee. Skin Motion™ Tattoo Artists in the Directory will provide their secret key to users after their tattoo session. Only users that provide this secret-key during the activation process are eligible for their 15 day money-back guarantee.

Skin Motion™’s patent-pending augmented reality cloud platform was designed and built to simplify the creation of personalized augmented reality experiences. Soundwave Tattoos™ are the first product from Skin Motion™ to integrate one of the oldest and most personal art forms on Earth with technology in order to share our stories, feelings and memories in a way that has never been possible before.