The new is now live!

Skin Motion™ is excited to announce the new, our patent-pending augmented reality cloud platform for bringing tattoos to life has launched! Exactly 6 months from when the first Soundwave Tattoos™ were created, the new Skin Motion website has launched with a brand new Tattoo Artist Directory.

In addition to launching our new website, we are pleased to announce that the first 1000 Tattoo Artists to register will receive a free Membership for the first year! Tattoo Artists can now apply, register and create their account in less than ten minutes from start to having their profile in the Artist Directory.

We are announcing two ways to get a voucher for a free Soundwave Tattoo Activation. First, is our referral program which Skin Motion users can sign up for through our website that gives users a unique link that once 25 people have clicked and created an account with, earns the referrer a free Soundwave Tattoo.

We are also starting a weekly contest on Twitter and Instagram to win a voucher for a free Soundwave Tattoo activation. To enter, Twitter and Instagram users can post about what they would like to get a Soundwave Tattoo of, or share the story of the Soundwave Tattoo that they have and hastag the post with #mysoundwavestory.

The entire Skin Motion team is working hard on daily updates, new features and the best experience possible so that the thousands of people all over the world who have signed up for our waiting list can get a Soundwave Tattoo. The Soundwave Tattoo Creation Tools are being tested now and will be launching soon!